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02 GuildMag Issue 13 |Editor’s Letter

editor’s Letter

Happy Canthan New Year! For ou r first issue of 2 015, we’ve ch osen to celebrate this historic event with a magazine dedicated to C an tha and Guild Wars: Factions! Although we may not be heading b ack th ere in an expansion any time soon, it’s always fun to remin isce (for those wh o played the original game) an d speculate on what could be. In Issue 14, you’ll find an excellent lore primer on why Cantha is so important; an editorial piece on what Heart of Thorns can learn from Factions; and our usual creative fiction and art pieces, all inspired by the Empire of the Dragon! We’ve also recapped the last Living World release for Season 2: Point of No Return for tho se that missed it or wou ld like a refresher, ready for Heart of Thorns later this year. As always, we’re constantly on the look-out for commu nity sub mission s. If you fancy yourself as a writer, and would like an original piece of w ork featured in a later magazine, then navigate your browser to for all the infor mation. I hope you enjoy reading th is issue as much as we did producing it! - Valiant
04 GuildMag Issue 13 |A Brief History of Cantha
0 CC (51 0 BE) Cantha u nites un der Kainen g Tah (Old Canthan for ‘Lord Emperor’), with the first Raisu Palace beginnin g construction. Th is heralds th e beginn ing of the Age of th e Marmoset.
46 CC (464 BE) Kainen g Tah dies in mysterious circumstances with his son, Yian Zho, follow ing as Emperor, despite lack of a formal succession system.
48 CC (462 BE) After becoming a target of Emperor Yian and bein g labelled as the ‘Luxon insu rgen cy’, the Luxon s secede from the Can than Empire, becoming a vassal state instead.
51 CC (459 BE) Yian declares war on the Kurzicks in the Ech ovald Forest, who become an independent vassal state as a result.
51 CC (459 BE) – 511 CC (1 AE) Not much is know n of events in Cantha du rin g this period, but n ine emperors are known to have ruled the Empire.
305 CC (20 5 BE) The Age of the Falcon begins. The begin ning of this age coincides with h uman ity first setting foot on Tyria and Elon a.
510 CC (0 A E) The Human Gods sp lit the b loodstone, a ston e which is the source of magic on Tyria, into shards and spread them across the world. Abadd on betrays the other God s and is defeated. The Exo dus of the God s takes place.
511 CC (1 A E) The Age of the Bat begins. Chang H ai becomes th e first Ascend ent Emperor of Cantha, and sets a precedent for all Emperors after to be Weh no Su, the Canth an equivalent of Ascension .

A brief

history of Cantha

Written by Darryshan
Cantha. The first continent settled by humanity in the Late Pre-Imperial Era, 276 years before the start of the Canthan calendar. Originally remaining on t he northern areas of the continent, they quickly spread to eve ry other corner of the land. What is now known as Kaineng City was at this point merely a town, bu t would soon grow exponent ially.
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731 CC (221 AE) Cantha b egins trading with Tyria and Elona. Logging on Sh ing Jea Island is outlawed, and the Age of the H edgehog begins.
882 CC (372 AE) Karei, a powerfu l healer, is approached by Dwayna, human Goddess of Life and Air, through a series of trials. He passes all three, an d is thus made the M aster of Kaziin Mon astery.
108 2 CC (572 AE) Magadore, a powerfu l wizard, drains th e life- force from Cantha’s forests, turning it into pure energy. Magadore plans to use it in a magical war against the Emperor, but is defeated by th e ranger Zojun and his army of beasts.
1204 CC (69 4 AE) The cruel Emperor Singtah, known for mass public executions an d unfair taxation, is burned alive in the original Raisu Palace, built by th e first Emperor, in a fire started by rebels.
1282 CC (772 AE) A pirate fleet led by Appollonia attacks th e port of Dinfang, and is defeated by a force stationed in Fort Fu, led  by Kitah. With her mesmeric powers, Kitah increased the size of the defend ing fleet, causin g the pirates to fl ee. Both Kitah an d App ollonia are killed in single combat.
12 84 CC (774 AE) The 24th Canthan Emperor, Senvho, d ies after sitting on the throne in the newly b uilt Second Raisu Palace for the first time.
1368 CC (858 AE) Shiro Tagachi, a skilled warrior who was noticed by th e Emperor and made his bodygu ard, defeats a group of Am Fah rebels, executin g all captives and b eheading their leader.
A Brief History of Cantha |GuildMag Issue 13
06 GuildMag Issue 13 |A Brief History of Cantha
1375 CC (865 AE) Shiro defeats a coup d’etat by reb els in the Celestial Ministry, executing an y perpetrators in front of the Emperor’s captured son.
1382 CC (872 AE) Shiro Tagachi is killed in the Harvest Temple after murdering Emperor Ansiyan, being tricked into it by the fallen god Abadd on. The Jade Wind  occurs as a result, solidifyin g the Jade S ea and turning the Ech ovald Forest and the creatures within into ston e. Emperor Hanjai ascends to the throne, markin g the b eginning of the Age of the Dragon .
1390 CC (880 AE) Hostilities with the n ative tengu rise, but open war is avoided w ith the Angch u tribe d ue to the efforts of Emperor Hanjai’s ambassador. Soon, however, the Tengu Wars begin.
1396 CC (88 6 AE) Courthouse Sq uare in Kaineng City is ren amed Vizunah Square, in honour of th e efforts of the assassin, Vizu , defeating Shiro Tagach i after his murder of the emperor.
141 2 CC (902 AE) Trade agreements with Orr, Ascalon and Kryta are ended by an imp erial decree.
1450 CC (940 AE) The Canth an Embassies in Ascalon and Elon a are closed.
152 7 CC (1017 AE) The Lux ons and Ku rzicks end formal diplomatic contact, the only commu nication taking place throu gh the Celestial Ministry, and only when ab solutely required.
1532 CC (1022 AE) Ermenred of Ascalon travels to Cantha to meet Emperor Kintah. S hortly after, trade rout es between Cantha and Ascalon are reopen ed.
1568 CC (1058 AE ) Emperor Kintah dies, and is succeeded by Emperor Kisu, h is son and 31st Emperor of Cantha. Op en warfare between the Lux ons and Kurz icks ends.
1581 CC (1071 AE) The Tengu Wars end, and trad e is re- established with K ryta amidst the destructio n of Orr and Ascalon .
1582 CC (107 2 AE ) Shiro Tagachi comes back to life, u nleashing a plague on Cantha called the Affliction .
15 89 CC (1079 AE) The last remnants of the Afflicted are destroyed by th e Ministry of Purity, which turns its attention on others that it sees as enemies of Can tha - th e Luxons, K ur zicks, tengu, an d the Jade Brotherhood. Minister Reiko is assassinated, and A shu Yu udachi, a child, assumes co ntrol of the M inistry of Purity.
1637 CC (1127 A E) Emperor Usoku sp ends millions of gold prep aring the armies of Can tha, then declares war on the Kurzicks an d Luxo ns. The new ly invigorated Canthan army sweeps thro ugh th e countryside, defeating the Luxon s and K ur zicks, and re-incorporating th em into Cantha. A ll non-humans are driven out of the Emp ire, along w ith all wh o opposed Usoku. This forces Canthan migrants to Tyria and Elona.
1583 CC (1073 AE) Reiko Murakami, a minister in the Celestial Ministry, rallies the peop le in Canth a against the victims of Shiro Tagachi’s plague, “the Afflicted”, whose only release from th e conditio n is death.
1587 CC (1077 AE) The Ministry of Purity, tasked with eradicating the Afflicted, is found ed by Reiko Murakami.
1729 CC (1219 A E) Orr rises, sendin g a hu ge tsunami towards Tyria, and possib ly Cantha, cuttin g off all communication. After this p oint, noth ing is know n of even ts in Cantha. Tengu exiles view this Great Tsunami as a sign that it is time to form their ow n nation, settling in the San ctu m Cay region to foun d the Dominio n of W inds.
A Brief History of Cantha |GuildMag Issue 13
08 GuildMag Issue 13 |Cantha: A Cultural and Geographical Primer
The Empire of the Dragon
Geography Before Usoku’s reconquest of the Vassal States, the Empire of the Dragon proper was confined in th e supercity of K ain en g on the continent’s northwestern shore. Orig in ally a network of smaller cities and towns, Kaineng became the biggest city in the known world w hen an in flux of refugees from the Jade Wind filled the spaces between the original settle men ts with hurried construction. The need to rapidly build housing fo r so many people led to the erection of what most visitors h ave described as towering slums, reaching high in to the sky as new construction is piled on the old. Wh ile th ese apartment complexes often looked shabby, reports indicate fe wer collapses than might be expected given the external state of the buildings – while Canthan architects cared more for need than for aesthetics, they likely became ex perts at keeping these sorts of construction stable. Food and water for this metropolis was sourced from a series of islands off the western coast, the largest being Shing Jea Island, home of the famous Shing Jea M onaste ry. A mountain range on the southwestern coast became a popular location for summer retreats for the wealthy seeking to escap e the teeming metropolis, although th e Forbidden City of Raisu also allowed some measure of relief for th ose close to th e emperor.
Poli tics During th e time before Usoku’s ascension, the Can than government was split between the hered itary monarch and the Celestial Ministry. Unlike the Krytan ministry, th e Canthan ministry did not pretend to represen t the people but served a purely bureaucratic role, theoretically  performing those government functions that  the emperor and his direct representatives could not  attend personally. Visitors’ accounts, however, report  endemic incompetence and corruption, and observe  that in practise the Ministry served no function apart from enriching its members and ducking blame. Officially, there were four subministries, each with a differe nt field of responsibility – and credited with magic pow ers related to the element. The Ministry of Flame had co ntro l over law enforcement and, supposedly, the sun; th e Ministry of Earth over planning, and record keeping (and cred ited with ensuring good harvests); the Ministry of Water over th e city’s water and sewerage systems (an d the moon and rain), while finally the Ministry of Air justified supervision of trade through dominion ove r winds. There was an additional ministry, the Ministry of Pu rity, briefly formed in the years after Shiro’s defeat. In itially focused on cleansing the last remnants of the A fflicted, the Ministry of Purity afterwards turned on other perceived threats to Cantha, including the vassal states and the te ngu.
In order to help facilitate discussion on a possible Priory expedi tion to re -estab lish contact with Canth a, I have prepared the following briefing on what we knew about Cantha prior to the closing of Cantha’s borders. For convenience, it is split among three sections, detailing in turn the original Empire of the Dragon and each of the Vassal State s.

Cantha: A cultural


geographical primer

Written by Draxynnic
Cantha: A Cultural and Geographical Primer |GuildMag Issue 13 09
While initially contained by more moderate forces, it was not destroyed and likely influen ced Usoku’s later policies. A third, less official element of Canthan politics was organised crime. Through violence and Ministry corruption, criminal gangs had effective control over much of the city’s eco nomy and populace. Two in particular stood out, th e Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood – the former mainly recruiting from the poor and destitute and revelling in its origins, while th e latter affected a more aristocratic air. These were powerful eno ugh that imperial agents had to adopt a strategy of balancin g them against one an other (even after it was revealed that the Am Fah were worshippin g and deliberately spreading the Affliction) to preve nt either from growing strong enough to topple the emperor. Both organisations were significan tly weakened in the rise and fall of the M inistry of Purity, possibly allowing them to be brought to heel afterward s. Culture The heart of Canthan worsh ip was at Tahnnakai Temple – although after Kaineng’s explosive growth , the temple became unglamorously nestled amon g the fou ndations and sewers of the overgrown city. In addition to shrin es of the five gods, the Temple h oused th e spirits of eight Canthan heroes – one representative of each of the heroic professions th en kn own in Cantha. After the Exodus, it became tradition for Canthan emperors to Ascend through the trial of becoming Weh no Su (“Closer to the Stars”). This trial required defeating reflections of four celestial c reatures, taking the form of the dragon, turtle dragon, kirin and phoenix. Each represented a figure from a tragic event in Cantha’s past some heroes, some object less ons, but victims all. As well as imperial heirs, these trials were available to citizens and visitors who p roved themselves worthy to the Oracle of the Mists. Another set of celestials were hon oured during th e celebrations for the Canthan New Year. Twelve figures from Canthan history were h onoured by the gods through making them into constellations, an d each year is dedicated to one of these figures in turn, fo r whom a five-course feast is prepared at Shing Jea Monastery. S in ce the dragon was included in both sets, this brings th e total number of celestials to fifteen. Additionally, firew orks were used to scare off creatures called Nian, preventing them fro m stealing the year’s goo d luck. Another festival of note was the Drago n Festival, w hich commemorated a Canthan legend in which a ce lestial dragon promises that Cantha would recover from the Jade W in d.
The Kurzick Great Houses
Geography The home of the Kuzicks was the Echovald Forest, on ce a vast woodland covering much of central Canth a, transformed by the Jade Wind into a forest of petrified trees. Wh ile gre en meadows showed the land remained fertile when not sh aded by the massive stone trees, the agricultural capacity of the land remained a shadow of what it had on ce been, requiring the Kurzicks to fight with the Lu xons fo r th e resources needed to survive. Some evidence indicated that the forest had begun to recover after Shiro’s secon d defeat, however, so it is possible that it has returned to what it on ce was. Poli tics and Culture Deeply religious, the Kurzicks were d ivided amo ng five Great Houses, each devoted to on e of the five gods an d adopting a role consistent with the interests of that god. Hou se Durheim, sworn to Grenth, kept history and main tain ed a tradition of poetry and playwriting; house Lutgardis , devoted to Melandru, employed music as part of their respon sibility to  maintain the forest, and house Brauer, dedicated to Lyssa, fostered the visual arts. The most powerful h ouses are the militaristic house Vasburg, following the path of Balthazar, and the Dwaynan house, zu Heltzer, which focused on philosophy and medicine. While these two were rivals, the greater political acumen of House zu Heltzer ensured its pre- eminent positio n among the houses. Like th e Canthans, the Kurzicks venerate ancestral heroes as well as the gods, each house regarding their most honoured ancestor as a patron saint.
The Luxon Clans
Geography Originally a seafaring people, the homeland of the Lu xons were the islands of the inlan d Jade Sea. The Jade Wind solidified this into a wasteland of actual jade inhabited by magical walking fish, stranding the Luxon fleet. In respon se, the Luxons found alternate mean s than sh ip s to sustain a nomadic lifestyle, taming giant turtles and crabs to carry their homes and constructing magical vehicles capable of travelling using wind or mechanical legs. Having lo st the bou nty and trade of the ocean, the Luxons took to minin g particularly magically potent regions of the Jade Sea for jadeite… an d raiding Kurzick settlements. Like the Echovald Sea, ru mo urs from the late 1070s suggest that th e Jade Sea may have started to recover . Poli tics and Culture The Luxons organised themselves into three clan s – the Crab, the Serpent, and the Turtle. To mediate d isp utes between the clans, a council of elders met annually at an event called the Convocation to set codes of behaviour for th e clan s to hold until the next. During th is event, a gladiatorial contest was held between the champions of each of the clans – the purpose of the contest was to determine w ith out permanent deaths (in a time when resu rrection magic was more common than now) which of th e clan s was strongest. As a result, the win ning clan likely received favourable terms until the next Convocation. While each clan was represented at th e Convocation by its champions and elder, it was the C ap tain that provides the overall leadership of each clan . Along with the gods, the Lu xons wo rsh ip ped three demigoddesses, named Alua, Elora, and Ione. Some historians have speculated that these might be th e foun ders of the Luxon clans, making it another case of ancestor worship – however, the sources that led to th is conclusion have been lost.
10 GuildMag Issue 13 | Cantha: A Cultural and Geographical Primer
A Tale of Two E xpansions |GuildMag Issue 13

A Tale of T




Written by Starconspirator
With Heart of Thorns, the first Guild Wars 2 expan sio n, revealed, it is quite n atural to look toward previous ArenaNet expansions for comparison. Released in 2006, th e first Guild Wars expansion, Guild Wars Factions, opened th e land of Cantha to the population of Tyria, allowing for exploratio n of  new maps and the acqu isition of n ew skills. As a stand alone game, it brought with it a u ni que storyline an d two n ew professions: the assassin and ritualist. Players who purch ased Guild Wars Factions could create Canthan characters and play through the new storyline, expanding th eir worlds to the Guild Wars Prophecies story once they reached Kaineng City. Those who chose to move Prophecies ch aracters to the Canthan storyline could do so up on reach ing Lion’s Arch . In this way, the expansion was cobb led together with th e previous world . Heart of Thorns, given the Living World motif, grows more organica lly from the Living World of Tyria . As the content must tie in with what has gone before and cannot be egregiously out of syn c, i t highlights the commendable attention to stor y progr ession and character gr owth that ArenaNet has been focused on, even though there ma y b e fewer new maps and only on e new profession. Because of the organic growth, Heart of Thorns’ new content may be seen as limited in compar ison to that introduced by Guild Wars Factions. However, what is being introduced is likely to improve the game im mensely. Heart of Thorns will introduce the Mastery an d specialization
systems; a way to continue character improvement bey ond max level. It is an interesting way to b ranch out into new builds, skills, and weapon sets, and is reminiscen t in some respects to Ascension – where characters in the original Gu ild Wars could choose a different secondary profession. Th e Mastery system will allow level 80 chara cters to earn (and later spend) points in order to unlock account b ound ab ilities. Making them accoun t boun d removes the grind of leveling, as a player will only have to bu y each ability once. As they begin accumulating at level 80, this system should revitalize max- level characters and provide players new conte nt withou t simply increasing the level cap. Through the sp ecialization system, characters will be able to use different weap ons and learn new skills as they expand upon their original profession; for example, rangers can become druids. As previously mentioned, Guild Wars Factions in volve d the creation of two new classes unique to C an th an lore - th e assassin and the ritualist. Because Guild Wars Factions was a traditional expansion - a stand-alone game that did not require ownership of the original Guild Wars Prophecies game - th e skills and weap ons used by th ese professions, along with their armor and weap ons, were easily incorpora ted into the Canthan wo rld. Players who wished to start one of th e new professions were required to begin in Shing Jea. Heart o f Thorns’ new profession, th e revenant, must grow ou t of the living story. Details regarding the creation of the class are
H eart of thor ns [...] highlights the commendable attention to story progression and character growth that ArenaNet has been focussed on
entwined with th e story of Rytlock, the ch arr tribune who disappeared into the Mists. This creates a quand ary over how  to introduce a new profession that never existed in past story steps. Will there be a new personal story for revenant characters? Will it be possible - or impossib le - to power-level them? Arenanet has stated that people who begin a reven an t will be on equal footing regardless of wheth er or not they are new to the game or veteran players. If don e correctly, the introduction of the revenant pro fessio n may provide a unique experience for p layers and provide an example of th e myriad possibilities found in the meld ing of game design and storytelling. Additionally, when Guild Wars Factions lau nched, it brough t four new maps for players to explore: th e tumble-dow n warren of Kaineng City, E chovald Forest’s stone trees, the  frozen surf of the Jade Sea, along with th e tutorial island Shing Jea. New characters in the Guild Wars Faction campaign began in Shing Jea as initiates in a mon astery. For experienced Tyrians, the initial hand-holding instance was skippable, although characters still had to progress through the Island’s stories and learn of the horrors takin g place on the mainland. Heart of Thorns will expand u pon th e Maguuma jungle, opening three levels: the Canopy, Core, an d Roots. Although only one distinct region, Aren aNet has stated that it will be one of t he most expansive a reas in Guild Wars 2. In addition to this new PvE area, Heart of Thorns will brin g a new WvW Borderlands map, featuring element-th emed keeps
and a new PvP mode patterned after th e original Guild vs. Guild play - introducing strongholds and allow in g the h irin g of heroes and armies. In order to facilitate this Guild vs. Gu ild mode, Heart of Thorns will bring with it the gu ild halls that many in the community have been longing for. While th es e are important improvements to the second game, th e new PvP modes introduced with Guild Wars Factio ns took b etter advantage of the new world an d un iq ue storyline. Of these, the Alliance Battles held the most sway over th e world of Cantha. During an Alliance Battle, teams of tw elve people, supporting either the Kurzick or Luxon faction, battled for dominance. As teams won various battles, the area of Ku rzick and Luxon influence shifted. Th is, in turn, affecte d the PvE experience in those areas, limiting services and Resurrection Shrine usage. Through the Alliance Battles, gu ild s could also claim ownership of the various outposts in the Echo vald Forest and the Jade Sea. Because growth with in Guild Wars 2 requires synchronization to the Living World, only time w ill tell if something similar to the Luxon an d Kur zick factions w ill return in th e future. G iven the fundamental difference between the two expansions, Guild Wars Factions being a stand -alon e new story, and Heart of Thorns being a contin uatio n of a story already solidly anchored to Tyria, comparisons between the two expansions must be done with care - n ot to suggest th at either one is “better” than the oth er. Although they w ere fundamentally different, the previous expansions each hold a special place in the history of the game.
GuildMag Issue 13 | A Tale of Two Expans ions
Written by Draxynnic
Fighting Dragons with Dragons |GuildMag Issue 13





Making the case for a Priory expedition to Can tha
With the fall of Zhaitan, a new opportunity has aris en that, sadly, has not yet been taken up by the Durmand Priory or the Pact. I speak, of course, of re-establishing contact with Cantha. While the isolatio nist policies of Usoku have led th e Empire of the Dragon (referring to the relatively mundane native dragons of Cantha rather th an the Elder Dragons – see my previous research summary for mo re information) to expel nonhumans and limit access to foreigners, trade continued between Cantha an d Kryta until the raising of Orr and Zhaitan’s stran gleh old on the seas around the peninsula blocked this rou te. In fact, students of Lion’s Arch history of th e period will n ote that Cobiah Marriner, founder of the modern Lion’s A rch, w as part of a mission to investigate a possible threat to this trade when Orr ro se. With the death of Zhaitan, it is possible that a route to Cantha may be open. The rise of the deep sea dragon means that a conventional sea voyage may still be impractical – however, a properly stocked airship may be able to float over the deep sea dragon’s notice and survive the trip. As scholars of the Durmand Priory, man y of my esteemed readers will be familiar with at least the basics of Canthan history and government, but for tho se who are not, I have prepared a brief primer:
Written by Draxynnic
14 GuildMag Issue 13 | Fighting Dragons with Dragons
Cantha In A Nutshell Founded long before humans expanded from O rr into Elo na or northern Tyria, the empire of Cantha is a conglomerate of three distinct cultures the Canthan m ajority, which historical ly has mostly been con fi ned to the northwestern sh ore and the nearby islands; the Kurzicks of the Echovald Forest, an d th e Luxons, once a seafaring society out of the inland Jade Sea, and reduced to a lifestyle of raiding and jade mining after the sea was frozen b y the Jade Wind. As well as r everence to the Six Gods, all three shar e a deep reverence for their ancestors, with particularly im por tant fi gures being r evered as saints and demigods themselves. Examples include the founders of the fi ve Kur zick Houses and the three dominant Luxon clans, as well as numero us Canthan heroes, w hile the practitioners of the ancient ritualist tradition serve as mediums not only with these signi fi cant fi gures, but with the lesser ancestor spirits of individual hou seholds in voking the blessings of benign spirits while exorcising those with ill in tent towards th e living. While formally part of the Empire, the Lu xons and Kur zicks have always been fractious vassals, eager to fight among themselves as well as to assert their independence. After the unification of the continent into the empire, th e formative event of Cantha in recent history was the Jade Wind, a magic al death wail of the betrayer Shiro who slew the Emperor Angsiyan. This transformed the inland sea of the Luxons to jade and petrified the E chovald Forest, forcin g much of the population to concentrate in th e city of Kainen g on th e northwest coast this influ x caused K ainen g to explod e in population faster than its infrastructure or building in dustry could cope, resulting in a city of slu ms hastily erected in order to shelter too man y people in too little space.
These conditions provided ripe ground for criminal gan gs to seize control of much of the city, le adin g to a perpetual gang war barely kept in check by overt and hidden secu rity forces. Meanwhile, the Luxons and Kurzicks th at remained in their ancestral lands found that the petrification left them unable to fully support even what population that remained , an d tensions between the two so on erupted in to an all-out war over resources. A brief truce formed in 1072AE allowed the th re e nations to work together against the return of Shiro an d his Afflicted plague, but this was not to last. Soon afterwards, the K ur zicks and Luxons fell b ack to fighting on e another, while in Cantha the effect was more insidious. A vigilan te organisation initial ly formed to purge the last remnants of the plague, the “Ministry of Purity” th en turned towards all other perceived threats, including Luxons, Ku rzicks, non humans, and Kaineng’s ou t of control criminal gangs. While th e Ministry of Purity was initially defeated by more moderate forces, their ideology survived to in fluence Usoku , the heir to the thron e – and u pon h is inheritance, Usoku raised an army to reconquer the Luxons an d Ku rzicks and to purge nonhumans, inclu ding the ten gu that w ould go on to settle the Dominio n of W inds, from his lands. Little information is known about Can than political developments since – prior to Usoku’s ascen sio n, however, the Canthan government was split between a here ditary monarch and a ministry. Unlike th e Krytan ministry, the Canthan ministry did not serve to represent the peop le but served a bureaucratic function, theoretically perfor ming those government functions that th e emperor and h is direct  representatives could not take the time to attend to personally. Visitors’ accounts, however, report widespread corruption, nepotism, and incompetence, an d report that in practise the Ministry served no useful function apart from enriching its members and shifting the blame for its failin gs . So, with all this in mind, what are the reasons w hy the Pact in general and the Priory in particular might w an t to go to the effort of an expedition to Can th a?
The Kurzicks a nd Luxons fell back to fighting one another, while in Cantha the effect was more insidious
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Possible Reinforcements The most obvious motive for seeking to re -estab lish contact with Cantha is the possibility of bein g ab le to form a cooperative defence strategy with the Empire of the Dragon. While the Cantha we last knew would be unlikely to make good ally, multiple shifts in imperial p olicy have been recorded in Canthan history, and mod ern Cantha might be open towards such an arrangement – possibly enticed by the opportunity to help ensure the restoration of th e ancient ho ly places of Orr. Of course, we should make sure that the p rice of any such arrangement is one we are willing to p ay. Ancient Cultures With the possible exception of O rr itself, Cantha is th e oldest known place of human habitation. Because of th is , it is possible that Canthan histories may contain h ints of h uman origins that are not available on Tyria. More tantalising still are hints of even older cultures historical accounts contain descriptions of ruin s that predate human arrival on the continent, and speculate th at Kur zick civilisation and traditions might have formed before th ey arrived in the E chovald. Wh o know s what secrets of th e past might await a diligent seeker of lore on that ancient continent?
Rediscovery of old magics Despite the Priory’s efforts to recover and conserve importan t books and documents from th e floodin g of Lion’s Arch , much practical knowledge was lost through th e drowning of teachers of foreign magic. While some vestiges of the teachings of ritualists and assassins remain in modern adventuring professions such as th e guardian and th ie f respectively, the more advanced magics employed in th ese Canthan traditions have been lost. If Canthan trainers could be persuad ed to take Tyrian students, perhaps these techn iq ues can be recovered. Similarly, if the method of their creation has survive d the subjugation of the Kur zicks by Uzoku , the process for creatin g Juggernauts – infusing human souls into plant-like creatu res that are immortal for as long as the tree they are bo und to lives – may prove valuable in the fight against th e dragons should any be willing to make that sacrifice . Assuming, of course, such beings are not made vuln erable to Mordremoth in the process. Meanwh ile, stories of the Luxon s speak of giant crabs and turtles as well as mechan ical vehicles that they employed in their nomadic life on the Jade Sea – if these marvels can be acquired by the Priory, th ey may prove to be useful additions to the Pact’s in ventory. Friendly Dragons While many were driven mad by the Jade Win d, most of the dragons recorded in history to have friendly dispositions towards civilised humanoids have called Cantha home. Some years ago, I speculated that this may be caused by the presence, now or in the past, of a benign Elder Dragon , similar to the future Magister Stonehealer predicted for Glint had she not been slain by Kralkatorrik . Even if this is not true, an increasing number of scholars have been growin g concerned in the past year that the death of Z haitan has put the world’s magic out of balance, and that slaying ad ditio nal Elder Dragons without an alternative location for the magic to go would be unw ise – the dragon s of Cantha might be able to serve as such a receptacle. If they lack the magic-ab sorb in g properties of their local namesakes, they may still be valuable allies and sources of knowledge. Possible Mordrem Connections Botanical studies of Cantha describe a variety of aggressive, self-mobile flora with more animal-like character istics than the aggressive flora known on Tyria or Elona prior to th e appearance of the sylvari and the mordrem after that. This might be evidence of Mordremoth havin g influ en ce on Cantha during a previous cycle – in which case, thorou gh investigation may reveal information useful for the fight against Mordremoth. With all these considerations in mind, I hope you w ill agree that the potential benefits of an expedition to Cantha could  outweigh the risks and costs associated with such an expedition . Yours, Scholar El eanor Draxynnus
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16 GuildMag Issue 13 |Recap: Point of No Return

Living Story Recap:

point of no return

Written by Starconspirator
Recap: Point of No Return |GuildMag Issue 13
Point of No Return, the final chapter of season tw o, held great deal of promise. Previous chapters had set a number of plots in motion; we knew that the culmination of Caithe’s personal story lay sealed within a Forgotten cave, Mordremoth’s forces were advancing across the Silverwastes toward Camp Resolve, and Rytlock was missing. Given that it was the final chapter of the season, many in th e commu nity were expecting great things and the revelations unearth ed in  this chapter were extraordinary, even if some questions remained unanswered at its conclusion. The episode begins with a missive to return to th e special collections library in the Durmand Prio ry. Sous Ch ef Seimer Oxbone has returned to the kitchen an d will gladly p rovide you with a bloodstone du st pot pie if you ask. As it turns out, there are no culinary applications for bloodstone d ust. However, if you eat the pie and then continue with the sto ry instance, you will unlock one of th e story step achievements at the end. This is one of the mo re clever achievements, in my opinion, as the possibility exists for a player to stumble upon it accidentally, simply because they … like b lo odstone dust-based food. For those who attempt this achie vemen t, the detrimental healing effect is removed u pon completion of the instance and you are rewarded with a metabolic primer. Within the special collections once again, the player undertakes a small number of fetch ques ts in order to op en the sealed tome (or would that be tomb?) of Tu rai Ossa. From  a lore perspective, the artifacts and books in the collection are less intriguing this time aroun d, only giving general descriptions instead of snippets of text. However, The fetch quests are not onero us and Ogden S to nehealer will  provide hints if you need them. The dwarf believes that the Divine Fire, first seen in Guild Wars ’ Ascension quests, will unseal the Mystery Cave and grant access to Caith e’ s final memory. Once again, the Priory’s special collection brings nostalgia to players of the original game, this time in an echoed ascension ritual, which scales well to th e party ’s size. The related achievement will require a player to complete all three phases of the ritual in under eight min utes – perhaps not doab le solo.
While searching, take note of the mirror and return at th e end of the instance, before giving the Divine Fire to Jo ry, in order to unlock another achievement, the doppelgan ger fight – another echo from the original Ascension quests. Un like the original guild wars doppelganger, it is not a perfect co py of your character. For example, when faced with my axe/ warhorn, shortbow ranger, it u sed a longb ow.
This story instance is solid all arou nd save for some of Ogden’s quirky d ialogue – Ogden ’s insistence that there will  be no Ascension, as if the developers at ArenaNet w ere listening to the fanbase - an d the illogical passing of the Divine Fire torch to Jory for transport to the Mystery C ave. The only aspect of this nostalgic step that disappointed was the lack of actual Forgotten enemies. After passing the torch to Jory, you receive another letter urging you to join Destiny’s Edge an d the Pact at the fron t. In hindsight, passing the torch to Jory belongs after you re ceive this note, rather than before. This could be a simple oversight or it could be a quirk of the programming. Next, travel to Camp Resolve in the Maguuma W astes and meet up with Destiny’s Edge to continue the story, wh ich contain s a brief, somehow lackluster “Oh by th e way, this is my son,” family bonding moment with Eir and Brah am, along with dialogue that bringing Destiny’s Edge up to speed regarding Glin t’s egg and Caithe’s behavior. The reunion is interrupted by a sustained, multi-stage attack from the Mordrem. Most of the stages are time-gated and you are scripted to lose. However, there are two attacks in the middle of the battle where you must perform specifi c tasks – killing specific enemies and then releasing pact soldiers from vine chambers – before they will en d. The fi nal stage is a mix of both, being time-gated until the sign al fl are becomes available. Once the flare is unlocked, the attack will continue until the signal fire is lit and an airstrike called in.
While sustaining the Mordrem assault by ignoring or b ein g unaware of the steps necessary to en d each stage may appeal to some, the battle intensifies with each attack. These battles feel well-scaled to party size, and anyone familiar with the battles of the Silverwastes should be well-prep ared fo r them. As each wave intensifies, the assault provides players with a satisfying battle, balancing feelings of frustration and desperation with determination and focus. Afterward, Trahearne informs you that the Pact will a ssault Mordremoth as soon as everything is ready, desp ite your absence. Confidently, you continue to ward the Forgotten cave, where Jory is waiting with the Divine Fire. However, if the skritt tunnels are blocked du e to the timers at work in the Silverwastes, your continuatio n of th e story will require unblocking them. Although this is an organ ic incorporation of the living world and its timed events, which is very ad mirable, it can be frustrating and potentially progress-blocking if the tunnels do not open or the band it event near Picato on
Fetch quests for the Priory
The battle for Camp Resolve
18 GuildMag Issue 13 | Recap: Point of No Return
Scratch bugs and does n ot begin. The skritt tunnels will take you to charnel ground s in the far Silverwastes. To begin the final step, yo u must u se the Divine Fire to open the sealed Forgotten cave, wh ich is a simple matter of interacting with the wall, while your party hold s off a small group of Mordrem. Through this battle, it becomes obvious that the Divine Fire h as an exploitable effect on Mordrem, although its cause remains unexplained. The foray into the cave is direct and, given the darkness, prob ab ly a bit more visually stunnin g if you have luminescent armor. Beyond the tunnel, the cave open s onto an aw e-inspiring, golden chamber, which later becomes the arena for the fi nal fight against the Shadow of the Dragon. Th e ruins h ere hint at those seen in the Heart of Thorns trailers. After witnessing the last of Caithe’s memo ries, Caithe returns for a brief word before disappearing once again; a very unsatisfying set of circumstances. However, h er disappearance triggers the final fight against th e Shadow of the Dragon. This fight follows a predictable patte rn : Mordrem must be attacked in order to weaken th e dragon and its invulnerability mu st then be removed indirectly with the divine fire before it can be attacked directly. There are two rounds to this battle with the second b ein g mad e more difficult by enemies who attempt to extinguish th e Divine Fire  as you work to remove the dragon’s invulnerability. If the  pattern is unknown or your build and skills are less than optimum, the second round in particular may p rove to be frustrating. Once the dragon has been defeated, you rush in for a killing blow. It is only slightly disap pointing th at th e finish ‘em” animation does n ot include a custom finisher. Screencaps of the Shadow of the D ragon succu mbing to snowglobes, bunny banners, dragon fireworks, or llamas would have been priceless.
Yet, the revelation regarding the true nature of the sylvari found in Caithe’s final memory proves to be worth the journey that players have undertaken in this season of the living story. Under threat of torture by Faolain, Wynn e reveals that the sylvari are agents of Mordremoth, meant to serve him. In a bid to keep Faolain from learnin g of this, Caithe kills Wynne and then lies to Fao lain, saying no secret was revealed. This revelation and the boss fight may leave players reeling as they exit the cave only to be greeted by yet another cut scene: the artistic storyboard rendering of the Pact’s ill-fated attack on Mordremoth. The jungle comes alive , destroying the airships, leaving Destiny’s Edge, Trahearne, and the Pact helpless against the onslaught. With th e Pact fleet in ruins, Destiny’s Edge lost to the ju ngle and Caith e, Glint’s Egg, and even Rytlock still missing, the next ch apter of the story, the Heart of Thorns expansion, has a great deal of storytelling to do .
Caithe confronting Wynne

A Shattered pa


Written by Aaron Heath
A Shattered Pact |GuildMag Is sue 13
Sound was the first thing th at penetrated the silent, un ending pit of utter darkness that was Arcadia Steelfur 's reality. S he could hear a soft, rhythmic thrum all arou nd her, pu nctuate d by sharp cracking noises like twigs breaking u nderfoot. Wind ? No, too warm, thought Arcadia dully, and no breeze. Fire! At this sudden realization, her eyes snap ped open . She was lying on her back in the middle of a small clearing in what looked like a forest, but was unlike an y forest Arcadia had ever seen. The trees grew this way and that, crisscrossing and intertwining with on e another. Thick, ropey vines hung from their branches, trailing down into an impen etrable undergrowth of multicolored and vibrant vegetation. Th e flames that had awoken her appeared to be emanatin g from burning piles of charred wood and tw is ted bits of metal. Are those airship parts? As she continued to take in her surro undings, A rcadia finally realized where she must be. The Maguuma Jungle. Bu t if I'm there, then- her thought trailed off as she realiz ed what must have become of the Pact's assault on the elder drag on Mordremoth's inner sanctum. Involuntary tears welled in her  eyes, and she blinked them back furiously as she tried not  to think about what might have happened to her fellow warband members. Charr don't cry, Arcadia, get it together! They can take care of themselves. Right n ow, you need to focus on getting yourself out of th is mess! As that thought crossed her min d, she realized sh e was unable to move. Looking down at her pro ne form, still clad in her Vigil uniform, she could see that she was trapped b en eath an enormous pile of airship wreckage and smold erin g vegetation. She struggled feebly to ex tricate herself from the oppressive mass, but her efforts met with little success. She slumped back in defeat, her long horns digging into the so ft earth as she stared up into the impenetrable blackn ess of the jungle cano py. What was that? Her four ears twitched as h er heightened sense of hearing picked up the sound of m ult ipl e high-pitc hed voices drawing near. Lying still, Arcadia listened warily. “The plan failed, Flune!" said a shrill, insistent voice; it sounded male, "The fleet is in ruins, Trahearn e and Destiny ’s Edge, well, the members of Destiny’s Edge th at b othered to come along at any rate, are missing, presumed dead, and th e likelihood that anyone else survived th is mess is minimal at best! We need to evacuate the area, now !"
“We survived, didn’t we? " Countered a n ew voice, female this time, her tone sharp, "I don’t suppose you factored that statistic into your calculations, Mister ‘dragon magic ana lyst expert.’ If there are survivors, Drixx, we have to stay and look for them. It’s our duty to the Pact.” “It’s ‘savant in applied magical analysis,’ thank y ou very much. Not that you’d care, Miss ‘glorified tree histo rian.’” “For your information, the Priory considers me their senior- most authority on the Maguuma Ju ngle, which makes me imperative to this effort. “Well thank the alchemy we had you with us, or else we wo uld have really been in trouble. Oh wait…” “I don’t have time for you r foolish antics, Drixx. I’m goin g to  search the area for survivors and help anyone I can. I’ll be  sure to report your desertion when I regroup with what remains of our allies.” “I see no reason for that typ e of beh avior. I –“ “Would you two stop squabbling like a pair ho rn less cu bs and get me out of here?” Arcadia asked loudly, cu ttin g off the conversation. She still could not see where the voices were coming from, but they were clearly with the Pact and at least one of them sounded like th ey wou ld be w illing to help. “Who said that? Where are you?” sh outed the female voice, clearly caught off guard by th e sudd en interruption. “I’m in the clearing, underneath all this junk!” Arcadia sh outed back, wincing at the effort. Arcadia heard the muffled shuffle of hurrie d footsteps from somewhere behind her, and after a fe w seconds, tw o squat figures appeared through the gloom. Arcadia had assu me d they were asura, and their large, floppy ears, dispropor tionate heads, and unusually short stature confirme d her susp icion s immediately. Catching sight of her torn and soiled Vigil garments, they hurried over and knelt by Arcadia's side. “Alright, let’s get you out of here,” said the female asura, whose bright pink hair shone merrily in th e dull firelight, “Drixx, we need to displace the debris impeding th is charr’s mobility. Would you mind doing the hon ors ?” “Um, ah, yes, of course, stand back, Flune,” said Dri xx, flushing
20 GuildMag Issue 13 | A Shattered Pact
slightly. Brandishing a short staff with an odd, rectangu lar mechanism whirring at its tip, he pointed it at th e imme nse heap of wreckage and waved it once. A pow erfu l gust of wind emanated from the staff, causing Drixx's dark hair to stand on end and sending both the debris and Arcadia flying across the clearing into a nearby clu mp of vegetation. “Drixx, you dolt!” Flune shouted angrily, “look wh at y ou’ve done now! We’re trying to rescue su rvivors, not kill th em!” Drixx rolled his eyes as he retorted, “Relax, sh e’ll be fi ne. The charr are very durable specimens. You sh ould see w hat kind of punishment they can take in the lab.” At that moment, Arcadia staggered out of the trees, brushing leaves off her fur and looking disgru ntled. “You could have been more diplomatic abou t it,” she said huffily, “but thanks. I’m Arcadia Steelfur, Vigil Engineer and Pact Airship Technician. I’m from the Firefang, th ough I doub t it’s any more than a smoking heap of garbage at th is point. I don't remember much, one minute I'm in the en gin e room making sure everything's sh ip shape, the next I'm waking up down here ben eath a pile rubble. Do either of yo u know what happen ed?" Flune walked over to Arcadia an d sho ok her outstretched paw, wincing as she made contact with Arcadia’s razor sharp claws. “I’m Flune, and this b umbling idiot is Drixx. We’re both with the Durmand Priory. We were aboard the Raithwy rm w hen it happened. We had been bombard in g the ju ngle with everything we had for several minutes, wh en enormous vines  shot out of nowhere and made lab fodder out of our ships! The fleet didn’t stand a chance. Drixx an d I h ave been searching for survivors, b ut you’re th e only o ne we’ve encountered thus far.”
Arcadia frowned and looked at the ju ngle floo r, a pit of worry growing in her chest. Lookin g up at Flu ne, she said, “Vines, eh? If it weren’t some Durmand Prio ry know-it-all telling me, I wouldn’t believe it. I didn ’t think th ey made bigger vines than  the ones back in the Silverwastes. My warband were all stationed aboard the Firefang, and finding th em is my first priority. Thanks for the save, but it looks like th is is where we go our separate ways.” “You want to go deeper into that deathtrap of a ju ngle?” Drix x cried, almost incoherent with disbelief. Arcadia looked at him with dislike and remarked flatly, “You wouldn’t un derstan d.” Turning her back on the two asura, she began her trek into the Maguuma Jungle. As Arcadia disappeared into the den se overgrowth, Flune bit her lip, looking first at th e retreating charr, then at Drixx. “You can’t possibly be considerin g going w ith her… ” Drixx asked incredulously . Flune gave him a half smile, “S he’s goin g to need our help, Drixx. She’ll die out there on h er own. I’ m going with her.” Turning away from Drixx, she scuttled off after Arcadia. “Are you insane?” Drixx cried after her, not both ering to hide the panic in his voice, “That’s literally th e home of an elder dragon! What you’re doing is suicide! Are you listening to me?! Get back here n ow!” Flune merely waved over her should er as she continu ed after  Arcadia, not even bothering to look back. Irate with indignation, Drixx stood alone in the clearin g for several seconds before sighing and running af ter h er.
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22 GuildMag Issue 13 |Community Art: The Legacy of Cantha

Community Art:

The Legacy of Cantha

Written by Kent Benson
One of the best things about expansions, especially in th e world of Guild Wars, is that they often take you to new places with entirely different cultures. Cantha boasts a massive urban civilization with many rural and nomadic sub-cultu res. In the north lies Kaineng City, the heart of the Canthan Empire. To the south are the E chovald Forest and th e Jad e Sea, home of th e Kurzicks and Luxons, who, in recent times, have been absorbed into the main empire. Shing Je a Islan d and o th er portio ns of mainland Cantha were originally home to the tengu, who fled to Tyria due to the Dragon Emp ire’s grow in g xenop hobic nature. Today, it’s likely that the tengu still honor some aspects of old er Can than culture along with their ow n in th e Dominion of Wind s. Below are my brief thoughts on four pieces of art from the Guild Wars community that eith er depict or pay h omage to Cantha’s style, scenery, and cu lture.
“Ec h ovald Forest” by Vasburg
A single splendor among the many of Guild Wars: Factions was the eerie yet beautif ul aftermath of Shiro Tagach i's death and the events of the Jade Wind. Along the shore of the Jade Sea ru ns the Echovald Forest, home of the K urz icks. Th e regio n is a bleak mash-up of Gothic petrified tree sculpture, architecture and the slow but subtle reclaiming of the land by n atu re. Th is piece exhibits all of the characteristics that make Echovald and its people what they are. The sharp contras t between th e faded shadows; the glowing light from the buildings; the occasion al su nbeams that break through the stone can opy; and th e elaborately dressed Kurzick figures cast a vision of a land living and thriving in almost p erpetu al darkness.
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“Gorou” by llimus
The tengu have been involved to varying degrees in the w orld of Guild Wars from voiceless antagonists to fleshed-out and powerful allies. Guild Wars 2 has u sed the ten gu as story and setting props, often using them to introduce small tidbits of info rmation about their race and hints at their possible involvemen t in the future. Wh at I like about this piece is that it captures the tengu's potential, like the sylvari, to be a very vibrant and colorful race (I also have a love for guardians, at least, I think it's a guardian.. . ). One of the fun things about sylvari character creation is that they have the largest amount of color variety for their skin, pattern, glow, and "hair". Like bird species in real life, the tengu could sport any number of colors and patterns. Red-ish vulture-headed tengu? Su re! Bird of Paradise tengu? Why not? Penguin tengu? A dorab le.
Armor and clothing designs often play a big part of character id entity in many games, especially RPGs. What started as a self-portrait of the artist eventually grew into a full- fledged illustration. The armor is Cantha-influenced , as can be seen in the samurai- esque helmet, plate paneling, as well as some of the armor's more subtle, orn amental features (note the dragon's head on the belt). One thing is for certain: th is character is ready for battle. It brings me back to the same battle cries that St. Victo r an d Archemorus made before dueling Shiro Tagachi in the Factions cinematic trailer.
“Helmet Breaker” by Changin ghand
Community Art: The Legacy of cantha |GuildMag Issue 13
24 GuildMag Issue 13 |Community Art: The Legacy of cantha
While the thief profession is not exclu sively Canthan in conception, its roots lie w ith the old assassin profession from Guild Wars: Factions. The featured cosplayers really cap ture that assassin look with their choice of armor and weapon props. Th e black an d red armor pieces re-conjure memories of fi ghting Am Fah in the streets of Kaineng City. Nostalgia aside, the intricate detail that went into creating these ou tfits truly bring th ese characters to life in all of their shadowy and stabby glory. Unlike in th e game, h owever, I can look forward to not b ein g ganked by these two thieves in th e near future. Much appreciated.
“Hide in Shadows” by: Cloak & Da gger



Written by LadyLala
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Lin sighed, then adjusted so she co uld see h er target better. He was an older man, standing in one of th e man y abandoned marketplaces scattered around Kaineng City. She felt as if she’d been waiting in the same spot for hou rs. Her target was restless as well; he sh uffled around an d glanced from side to side. His eyes were tired; she knew he w as suffering from insomnia. She remained still and w atched him.  Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her. A gloved hand wrapped around her mouth and strong arms kept h er in place. “Don’t move,” the presence whispered. Lin was abou t to struggle when she recognized the voice. Sh e turned her head, then wriggled away as the h an ds fell. “What were you thinking, Katsu? I cou ld have killed you !” she hissed back. Katsu grinned. “No, you couldn’t. I’m too fast for you.” Before she could respond, he quickly added, “The other associates are on their way. I wanted to give you a h eads up, and be here if it tu rn ed ugly.” Lin nodded. “Thanks. So now we w ait.” They didn’t have to wait long. A fe w minutes later, two men walked out of the shadows and into the dim light of th e marketplace. They were garbed in loose, black clothes, bu t their muscles were still evident, rippling under th e dark cloth. Lin’s target turned to greet them. “Do you have it?” the target asked the men . “We do,” one of them replie d. “It better be good.” One of the men pulled o ut a stack of papers from a bag around his shoulders. “D on’t worry, it is. Is your loyalty still true?” “More than you could ever imagine,” the target replied as he took the papers. “I will u se these w ell.” “Good,” the other man replied. “The emperor is coun tin g on you .” At that moment, Katsu shifted his weight from on e leg to the other. As he did, a metal can by his feet rolled slightly, causing a scraping sound. The three men whirled around an d stare d at the small entrance to where Lin and Katsu were hid in g. The target slowly walked over and peered through the d arkness.
“When I say, start climbing,” Katsu whisp ered to Lin. Sh e squeezed his hand as an affirmative. The target walked closer, and started to reach out. “Now!” Katsu cried, and Lin sprang into action. She ju mp ed up  and grabbed a wooden board nailed to the wall next to her, and used it as leverage to climb, grabbing more boards as she went. She could feel K atsu just below her, and h eard the other men yelling after them. She knew from se ein g the men’s body types that they wo uldn’t try scaling the wall in such a dangero us fashion, b ut there were oth er ways to get to the rooftops. She climbed faster and faster, un til she felt a breeze on her face. She sprang up th e last few feet and emerged onto a shoddy rooftop. Katsu w asn ’t far behind. “We didn’t lose them for long,” he told her breathlessly. “We’ve got to keep moving.” He took off running over the rooftops, jumpin g gracefu lly from one ramshackle building to another. Lin ran after him uncertainly, and loose tiles slid under her feet as she ran, sending shocks of te rror through her. She blindly follow ed Katsu as he continued to race over the unfamiliar rooftops. She skidded to a halt next to h im an d looked up at him, puzzled. “Why did you stop?” she asked, p an tin g. “I think we lost them. Besides, we can’t go an y further.” She was about to ask him why, b ut then she looked down. Twenty feet below them, a b ody of water slow ly rippled. It stretched for what seemed like miles, an d the o nly thing that broke the stillness was the occasional peak of a tower stretching above the water. Lin peered into th e murky li quid , and saw the outline of stairs an d bridges. “I don’t recognize this place. Where are we?” she asked Katsu. “This, dear sister, is Kaineng Center. A couple of centuries ago, it was the capital of Cantha. People came here to trade, travel, and explore. But since the Great Flood… well, th is happened . Didn’t you pay attention to the Master’s lesso ns?” Lin shuffled her feet. “Not re ally. I found them boring,” she admitted. Katsu laughed . “Speaking of the Master, we need to get back. I ’m sure he’ll want to know what we’ve fo und.” He reached under h is tough leather armor and pulled out the stack of papers her target had received. Lin gasped . “How did you-“
The Awakening|GuildMag Issue 13
26 GuildMag Issue 13 |The Awakening
“I told you, I’m fast. Now let’s get goin g.” They climbed down from th e rooftop and started creeping through the remains of the city. Golden floors an d rich brocades soon gave way to ramshackle buildings and makeshift bridges. They picked their way over and arou nd the  rivers and lakes dotting the cityscape. After a while, they descended into the sewers. The vast netwo rk of tunn els held a familiar darkness. The tunnels were once much larger, but the flood cut off more th an half the network. After traversing miles of dark, damp tunnels, the pair emerged from the sewers and stood in front of an iro n door. Katsu knocked, and a small window open ed up. Eyes peere d at the two of them, then the window was shut. T hey hea rd the clicks of multiple locks, and the heavy door swung open. “Welcome back, a gruff voice said. “You w ere go ne so lon g we though t you were dead.” “Nice to hear you have faith in us, Lin retorte d, gently pushing the man in front of her. He laughed , th en embrace d her. He was a tall, burly man with red tattoos ru nning up and dow n his arms. The two walked into a courty ard teeming with peop le . Families were huddle d in corners, children ran amok, and lines of people stood waiting for food. Th e courtyard was surrounded by stone walls, stretching up to wards the sky. “Karna, where’s the Master?” Katsu asked the man. “Where he always is. You got something good?” Karna asked him. Katsu smirked. “Definitely.” Lin and Katsu started climbing up a narrow staircase. Lin peered out of the small win dows as sh e asce nded. Sh e could see the sprawling wilderness b eyond th e walls; she h eard it was once a beautiful stretch of grass and hills ; now it lo oked like a jungle. They were at the edge of the city , in what u sed to be a mighty keep. Now it was just a refugee camp. Nearing the top, they walked along a hallw ay to a room with the door half-open. Katsu gently p ushed th e door fully open. An old man was sitting by the window, loo kin g out o nto the courtyard. He turned to see th e siblings standin g at the doorway, and smiled. “Welcome back, young ones. W as your mission successful?” “Master Cato, I bring good and bad news. Unfortunately , the mission did not go undetected. We were chased by the architect and his associates, but we got away. I did man age to get this.” Katsu pulled the papers out and laid them in fron t of the old man. Master Cato picked them up and started to lo ok through them. “Very good, both of you. Th is will serve us well. We’ll - have you seen this?” the old man sud denly said. They shook their heads. Master Cato spread out the papers on the floor, an d the other two peered at th em. “They’re plans for a ship,” Lin said.
“And weapons,” Katsu ad ded. Lin read the footnotes on a page. “No,” she gasped . “Has the emperor gone mad?” “He went mad many years ago, my dear,” Master Cato said . “They’re planning on invadin g Tyria! H ow do we know there isn’t still a dragon blocking the sea ? An d wh y try and conq uer them when there used to be peace between th e continen ts?” “Because the Ministry is hungry for power. Canth a is nothing but a desolation of refugee camps and re sistance fi ghters . They’ve given up on us, and they’re moving on to something bigger and better,” Katsu told her. “But we have no idea what Tyria has done,” Lin replied . “For all we know, they could have an army twice the siz e of the emperor’s.” “I know. Which is wh y we h ave to stop them.” Suddenly, they heard screams emanating from the cou rtyard. The trio rushed and crouched down by the window to see people fleeing in different direction s. Soldiers dressed in white slowly advanced through the en trance, cutting d own anyone who stood in their path . They saw K arna gather a group of fighters and ch arge th e Ministry soldiers. “What are they doing here?” Lin hissed. She started to get up to go help, but Katsu grab bed her and pinned her dow n. “It’s suicide. They want the plan s. We h ave to sneak out of here with them. Master, an y ideas?” “A few,” th e old man replied. As they watched the battle, th ey saw an elaborately garb ed man step from the shadows in to the middle of the cou rtyard. He raised his hands, and th e fighting stopped. E veryone in the courtyard stood motionless. “Master Cato,” the man shouted, loud en ough for the wh ole keep to hear. “Yo u have something of mine. You think we forgot about you? You’re slippin g in you r old age. Send that pretty girl down with the plans, and maybe I won ’t slau ghter your little band of misfits.” Master Cato was about to reply wh en a rumble sh ook the keep. It started slowly, then intensified. The walls started shaking, and books fell off their shelves. Lin and Katsu clung to each other as the soun d assau lted their ears. The rumbling turned into something more, something Lin couldn ’t identify at first. Then it clicked. It was something sh e had h eard only once, wh en she was a child. Sh e had stumbled upon a lion while wandering in th e forest. She remembered it o pening its mouth, and realized it was the same sound, only mu ch , mu ch louder. It was a roa r. “Master Cato,” she shouted, “is this an earthqu ake?” The old man looked at her and sadly shook his head. “N o, my dear. It is something I had hoped you w ould never h ear in your lifetime. It is a dragon .”
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28 GuildMag Issue 13 |Hidden in Plain Sight: The Tengu
Since their occupation of what was Sanctum Cay, the b ird- like race has stowed itself behind the massive walls that border their realm. Today, the tengu refer to their land as the The Dominion of Winds. The walls had been bu ilt to keep their people safe, but also to keep the other races, th eir influences, and the other dangers of Tyria out. However, even after Zhaitan’s death, the threat of the Elder Dragons remain. With the imminent rise of Mordremoth, many won der how long the ten gu will remain behin d their walls in the face of a threat that could eventually consume the entire world. History In the distant past, long before the events of the Guild Wars and The Searing, the tengu were said to live all over the world. Their race is ancient , possibly even old enough to have seen the last days of the Elder Dragons before they went into their deep sleep. The fi rst historical mention of the tengu coincides, not surprisingly, with their fi rst interactions with the early Canthan Empir e. The e ff ects of the Jade Wind had corru pted and transformed much of what was once more habitable land. This eco-disaster led mainland Canthans to look to S hing Jea Island for further colonization. The S ensali ten gu, one of the two main tribes of Shing Jea tengu, did not t ake this well. Eventually, they were respon sible for the slaughter of a n entire human village. The other Shing Jea tribe, the Angchu , managed a somewhat stable peace with humanity, w hich put the two tengu tribes at odds with one anoth er. However, further settlement by humans exposed the Angchu to illnesses
that killed many of their young, igniting a conflict that would eventually grow into what was known as the Tengu Wars. The Tengu Wars raged for two centuries before Emp eror Kisu and the tengu leadersh ip sough t an end to their conflict. The Emperor’s half-brother, Master Togo, met with th e tengu leaders at the estate of Minister Wona. There, the M in ister betrayed both sides forcing Togo and the tengu named Talon Silverwing to fight against the Min ister and his army of assassins. The Sensali broke from th e negotiations, scorned by the Minister’s betrayal. The Angchu, valu ing Togo’s b ravery and honesty, chose to reach out to hu man ity once again.
Relations with the Angchu remained stab le, even through the second rising of Shiro Tagachi and h is Afflicted. Shortly after, the Ministry of Purity, riding the eradication of th e Afflicted and the larger Canthan gangs, turned towards th e non - human inhabitants of Cantha such as the dred ge and tengu as their next targets. Fortunately, the Ministry of Purity’s
Hidden in Plain Sight : The Tengu W ritten by Kent Benso n
Long before the events of the Guild Wars and The Searing, the Tengu were said to live al l over the world
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Purity’s corrupt leadership was exposed, but not befo re its ideals had influenced th e hearts and minds of thou san ds. In years to come, th e future Emperor Usoku w ould u nite all Canthan humans un der one b an ner and drive the tengu from their homes. After the cataclysmic rising of Orr and the Great Tsunami, the Canthan tengu sailed north, cutting a swath through Zhaitan’s seafaring monstrosities to reach T yria’s shores. From there they reached out to th e Tyrian tengu tribes, the Caromi, the Avicara, and the Quetzal, and formed the Dominio n of W inds. Culture and Politics Today, not much is known of current d ay tengu p olitics and culture due to their isolated nature. Sometime du rin g the construction of their realm, the old tengu clans fo rmed four houses named after one of the four d irectional win ds. C lans from then on continued to exist on a familial level. At some point, the tengu appointed or perhaps a ten gu appoin ted his  or herself as the Emperor that presides above the four houses. Unfortunately, how decisions within their “Emp ire” are ultimately decided is still a mystery. Religion for current tengu is also an u nknown . In th e past, the Canthan tengu revered the Celestials an d believed in an afterlife known as th e “Sky A bove the S ky.” They were also a superstitious people that used physical charms and talis mans to ward away evil; whether that still holds tru e is not known, though some in-game items/trinkets imply that they may. As for tengu culture, many of th e tengu within th e Dominion of Winds speak O ld Canthan and those w ho do not are scorned similarly to the outside races. Tengu societal values tend to focus on ideals like integrity, honor, family , history . The first two virtues are commonly heard in ten gu NPC dialog. On a more individual level, tengu n ames are n ot entirely consistent. Some have Japanese-rooted first and last names, while others have a clan name for their surname and/ or a first name that represents physical/non-physical racial attributes like “Soar” or “Talon.”
Where are they now? There has been little inclusion of the tengu in th e game’s overarching story. So far, tengu serve as a few merchants, guards, scouts, and a few rare map completion-related NPCs. Later on, amidst the chaos of Scarlet’s invasion of Lion’s Arch , the tengu outside the shuttered gate retreated behin d their wall and killed anyone w ho came within range with a storm of arrows. Until now, the tengu’s lack of involvement h as been relatively understandable, but there are few troub lin g inconsistencies. The tengu are not, or rather, th ey do not appear to be naïve. They are seemingly aware of the threat the Elder Dragons pose and, with any luck, have heard of Z haitan’s passin g at the hands of the Pact, followed by Tyria’ s fight against Mordremoth. Furthermore, for a race that upholds itself as honorable and virtuous, they have been strangely u nhelpful as a whole. Even races like th e kodan and largos, races still shrouded in mystery, have been playing a role in th e war against the Elder Dragons, despite their flaw s. With an enemy like Mordremoth, whose rising poses th e biggest and mo st imminent threat to Tyria as a whole, you would think th e tengu emperor would have received an invite to the World Summit at the Pale Tree. So what does it all mean? For those who migh t not kno w, the tengu were meant to be a playable race in Gu ild Wars 2. In some more recent interviews, developers have expressed some knowledge about the future role of the tengu in game and their awareness of player’s fondness for ninja- running bird people. Whether that will eventually lead to them playing an active role in Tyria’s fight against the Elder Dragons is anyone’s guess, though I would hope so. The tengu represent a powerful people and potential ally that are untapped, and ready to be unleashed on the dragons. The only real question left to be answered is when.
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